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Dental Care for Children

by Haddon Suttner

Teeth are very important, as they are used in eating. Good teeth make your smile better. Good teeth enhance your confidence. Parents should take care of teeth of their babies. Good eating and caring habits right from the early age ensure healthy teeth and avoid certain dental problems.

Here I will tell some good habits for dental care of children:

Right from birth

Children must be trained to take care of their teeth from early age. Remember! Parents should take care while babies are not able to do this. Another factor less people know is that a new born baby has 20 primary teeth. These teeth are not visible as they are inside jaw. Mother should wash the gums after feeding.

Milk Teeth

Initial Teeth are called Milk Teeth or Deciduous teeth. Appearing of Milk Teeth or Teething starts normally at the age of 6 months. Children usually have full set of Milk Teeth before the age of three years. Once your baby has teeth visible he should be trained for brushing. In the beginning you will do it yourself and ask him to learn how to do it.

Adult Teeth

At the age of six, adult teeth start growing in the jaw. These teeth push the roots of milk teeth to make them week. Once root is weak, the milk tooth drops. Adult tooth takes the place of milk tooth. The process of dropping milk teeth and getting adult teeth completes by the age of 13. Adult teeth are more precious that Milk teeth, as a lost adult teeth never grow again. So, extra care is needed for adult teeth.

Children Dental Problems

Infants may face Tooth Decay due to unhealthy habits. Giving bottle to the babies so that they sleep with ease is not a good habit. Baby sleeps and bottle remains in his mouth. The milk or juice inside bottle remains in mouth, which can cause cavities and Bottle Mouth.

Tooth Decay is the destruction of tooth due to damage to tooth enamel. Regular brushing can keep teeth clean and safe them from decay.

Other common problems may by swollen gums, acid erosion, mouth ulcer and knocked out teeth. For any emergency dental problem you should visit the children dentist. Our emergency services are available 24 hours.

You may call Dr. Haddon Suttner for any type of children dental problems on 02 9365 6197.

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