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Remedies For Bleeding Gums

by Haddon Suttner

Home remedies for bleeding gums include citrus fruits, milk, raw vegetables, baking soda, cloves, clove oil, sage, peppermint oil, calendula leaf tea, chamomile tea, saline, massaging gums; avoid smoking and fatty food etc.Bleeding gums refers to a clinical state in which the gum appears swollen and often bleeds during brushing or eating rough food.

Remedies for Bleeding Gums


Home remedies for bleeding gums are:

Citrus Fruits:

One of the major reasons for bleeding gums is deficiency of Vitamin C. citrus fruits like orange, lemon etc. and vegetables especially broccoli and cabbage can prevent you from bleeding gums by providing adequate vitamin C.


Milk is also a rich source of calcium which constantly needs to be replenished to strengthen you gums. Thus milk must be taken on a regular basis for preventing bleeding of gums.

Raw Vegetables:

Chewing the raw vegetables cleans teeth and induce blood circulation in gums thus it should be brought in practice to chew a raw vegetable daily.

Cranberry and Wheatgrass Juice:

Juices of either cranberry or wheatgrass can give relief to those who have bleeding gum. Cranberry juice can do the same by exerting its antibacterial properties to wipe the gums off bacteria.

Baking Soda:

Baking soda kills bacteria by making the microenvironment in mouth acidic and can be applied on the gums with the help of fingers.


Cloves can either be kept in mouth or chewed slowly or clove oil can be rubbed on gums. This has been an age old and easiest home remedy for all kinds of dental problems.

Sage, Peppermint Oil:

While brushing both peppermint and sage oil can be used as these keep mouth refreshing and clean.

Calendula Leaf and Chamomile Tea:

Tea prepared from leaves of calendula and chamomile can give relief from bleeding of gums.


Gargle after brushing the teeth with luke warm water with a pinch of salt added to it. This is a good home remedy to treat bleeding gums.


Massaging the gums with fingers gently after brushing the teeth results in good blood circulation. This strengthens the gums preventing them from bleeding.

Avoid Fatty Food:

Fat rich, spicy and heavy diet gets deposited in teeth cavities and provide food source to microbes this in turn lead to bleeding gums or even gingivitis. So as far as possible one should avoid these fatty foods.

Avoid Smoking:

Smoking makes the mouth conditions anaerobic favouring growth of certain bacteria. Thus one should avoid smoking in order to keep your mouth bacteria free.

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